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          Major application industries are:

          Air conditioning: GREE, Midea, AUX, Hisense, TCL, Kelon, CHIGO, aegis and so on

          Solar energy: sun, rain, MeiLing, SED, Chia, general, Sacon, Joyoung, etc.

          Motor: Motor wheeling, Kuwait motor, Tianma motor etc.

          Car: sky arrow group, Guangzhou TOYOTA and Changan group

          Major products:

          1, air conditioning two aluminum cutting machine: all kinds of specifications for cutting waste two pieces of copper and aluminum, the main specifications of single crusher, crusher, multi-layer hierarchical segmentation machine, 3 specifications and a variety of products at the same time crushing machine, fully meet all the needs of customers of different types are broken.

          2. punching flanging machine: hydraulic punching method, servo motor feeding, servo electric rotation (two axis), punching, flanging, once completed.

          Model: 25/50/80/110, single spindle and double axle series, automatic feeding and blanking type, long adjustable head (3-4M).

          The 3. refrigerant filling machine: household air conditioner refrigerant filling machine, vacuum pump and Sony Germany imported flowmeter, production of filling machine filling 5P and the following models.

          4. evaporator cutting machine: used for split air conditioners, indoor machines, evaporator cutting and bending along the copper tube, divided into all ninety percent off, two, eighty percent off and more knives, more folding.

          The 5. condenser bending machine: for the outdoor unit condenser bend G type, O type, C type, L type, U type, the width is divided into 850 types (the maximum width of the workpiece is 850mm), type 1200, type 1500, type 1700, with vertical and horizontal loading pattern.

          6. tube cutting machine: disc type copper tube straightening, fixed length, by rotating the chipless (sawing) for cutting straight, no dust can be processed automatically according to the number of tubes at the same time, divided into single machine, double machine, four machine and two double tube tube machine (two sets of two tubes with machine).

          7, quiet room and soundproof room: for air conditioning machine test, mute effect and air conditioning, high-speed punching, sound insulation. All sizes can be constructed in non-standard sizes.

          8, two commonly used parts: used to protect the two device production of non pinch claws, expansion rod, bulging, bulging needle, expansion sleeve, mandrel, cutting blade, mandrel, punch, punch and other two commonly used spare parts.

          9, household air-conditioning assembly automation equipment: self-developed compressor lifting turntable and automatic packing sealing machine, four valve welding tooling, tooling and other operation test wiring for assembly production line, reached its high efficiency effect.

          10., other products: beat mouth machine, expansion necking machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine and other products are produced and sold.

          The company spirit of "quality first, customer first" principle, to high-quality products and services, in good faith for customer service. Profession casts quality!

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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