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          Four new trends in 2017 tell you the trend of the die machinery industry

          Date:2017-04-18 10:06:41Clicks:

          The day before, Xugong released a quarterly in 2017, the first quarter of 2017 the company achieved operating income of 5 billion 998 million yuan, an increase of 72.47%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 201 million yuan, an increase of 1809.98%. The main reason for the dramatic increase in performance was the overall situation of the construction machinery industry, which was better than that of the same period of last year.

          With the construction machinery industry boom continued to recover, the company as the construction machinery industry leading enterprises, is expected to fully benefit from this round of recovery. The company's annual report shows that in 2016, the company achieved operating income of 16 billion 891 million yuan, an increase of 1.17%; realize attributable to the owners of the parent company's net profit of 208 million 583 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 268.05%.

          In the annual report, the company pointed out that the domestic construction machinery market experienced a continuous decline in 5 years and 4 months in 2011 and 2016, and the market capacity shrank to 1/3 of the high point. Companies adhere to the transformation and upgrading, the industry continued to trough, but to enhance the company's full line of products

          What big new trends are there in 2017?

          Block chain! Cloud manufacturing! Big crossover! Smart manufacturing!

          These become the enterprise strategy, mold machinery industry development is closely related to the new trend. How does the traditional die machine industry marry these words perfectly? Follow the super engineer to find out!

          Block chain, industry trust

          Block chain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, peer to peer transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. The consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm for building trust among different nodes and obtaining rights and interests in a block chain system. Block chaining mainly deals with trust and security issues in transactions, allowing completely unfamiliar two parties to exchange valuable information directly to point to point. The block chain has been from the "trust" and "traceability" most closely related industry breakthrough, such as payment, trade, insurance, voting, gradually expanding, until most of the industries have been "blockchain +". Super engineer platform to build block chain in die design, mold production and processing, product customization, and pay the cost, the advantage of relying on resources, the platform is safe and convenient, and solve the problem of trust Internet mold machinery industry, as long as the user through a secure network platform can quickly achieve docking, to help customers reduce transaction costs, shorten the process, improve the final efficiency, productivity, and help enterprises to a new extension of space.

          Two, cloud manufacturing, resource sharing

          Super platform engineer manufacturing hand cloud mold machinery industry, through between the service provider and the user needs to play matchmaker, and make full use of shared economic thinking. In the mold design, the spare time of the die engineer has been well utilized, while improving the life and improving the technology, the enterprise can also achieve better mold design while saving labor costs. In the production and processing of mold products, idle machines have value-added opportunities, customers can also choose satisfied equipment and suppliers. Super engineer through cloud manufacturing capabilities, so that enterprises can in the product manufacturing cycle at all stages, according to the needs of users to achieve timely, low-cost services and efficient docking of automated resources.

          Three, the industry big cross-border, perfect integration

          Great cross-border industry has become the trend of the times. An investigation found that the model of traditional industry reconstruction using digital technology, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and transportation and other fields in developed countries has developed vigorously, and China in payment, shopping, travel, audio-visual field rising four. In the era of Internet plus, of course, cross industry engineers super Internet platform and mold machinery industry cross-border, with the development of the Internet platform mode, will bring profound influence to the traditional mold machinery industry, promote the rapid migration to the Internet virtual eco traditional industries. At present, the super engineer platform has reached 4021572 transactions, companies have released 10829 requirements, through the super engineer platform to achieve cross-border industries. Tens of thousands of enterprises have settled in the super engineer platform to achieve cross-border trade, such as Ningbo Jiye automobile fitting mould, die casting mould, Liaoyuan hung, Jinglei machinery, CXS automobile, Xin Yu mold, Chongqing East Branch, Shanghai Beas and other large enterprises.

          Four, intelligent manufacturing, create value

          In this year's local two sessions, the "real economy" once again entered the "two sessions" hot words list, "intelligent manufacturing" widely touted. Experts believe that the future of China's manufacturing industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, east to the central and western industrial upgrading industries breakthrough "new pole" pattern is expected to accelerate the forming, has become a new breakthrough in manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. There are more and more enterprises and suppliers through the super platform engineer, intelligent manufacturing, enjoy the convenient and efficient Internet plus resources ". The super engineer platform utilizes the value network mechanism, through the integration of resources, with open, shared, mutually beneficial, peer-to-peer, collaborative way, with the user to form a benefit sharing, and jointly create and share value. Use of "resource economy + sharing economy + Mobile Internet" new business model, for the vast numbers of users to build a resource sharing service platform to achieve online transactions in the industry chain.

          Leading edge, and great strides into the middle and high-end and global market. At the same time, the company accounts receivable improved significantly. In addition, the company actively explore overseas markets and international undertakings, the company's main export revenue in the Asia Pacific region grew by 40%.

          Construction Machinery Association statistics, from September 2016 to March 2017, excavators cumulative sales of 65315 units, an increase of 88% over the same period last year. In February 2017 the Chinese loader and automobile crane sales were 6361 units and 1266 units, representing an increase of 91% and 250% over the same period last year, the continuation of the strong performance of the excavator sales.

          According to GF Securities Research Report, with the "The Belt and Road landing from vision to blueprint, and the amount of new contracts to maintain a steady growth trend to complete the overseas project contracting, engineering machinery industry to benefit from the facilities along the exchange, will bring along the increase of national infrastructure construction, construction machinery and other fields to drive demand. Xugong crane is still the leading position, facing the downstream demand warmer, the industry leader will lead the way to benefit.

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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